Alex Thomson Ch4 - Investigating Celtic Boys Club


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Absolutely agree. The only ones mentioning point scoring are the dubious ones who want it to stay buried. Fckn shocking mentality to suggest calling it out is point scoring. Every body no matter what colour, creed, religion or whatever team you support shout be calling this out at every opportunity.
And can you imagine us using the same argument during the ebt fiasco as they used them too = point scoring. Nope don't think so.


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I think people are missing the point of how huge this actually is.

Everyone has heard of Pen State, it caused (quite rightly) a massive outcry globally. Thankfully that was dealt with in the right way and the 50 or so 'known' victims were given their chance to speak up and begin to heal with the right help.

What we are talking about here is child sex abuse on an industrial scale, with networks covering the whole of the UK, possibly thousands of kids over decades - yet some media outlets simply refuse to even discuss it.

Worse still, because it's football - anyone who tries to discuss it or even raise the issue is accused of 'point scoring'.

This beggars belief. This goes beyond football, beyond rivalry, beyond community - this is a national scandal. We should all be ashamed of this. We should all be talking about this. Most of all, the people than need help should be given help - and if that means that the clubs implicated are driven out of business to provide that help, so be it.

I would however take no pleasure in that, because I would know that for every person who got financial or mental help, there will be thousands who won't ever be known about, who will continue to suffer in silence and take their secret to the grave.


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In all seriousness it doesn't sit easy with me that this is used for point scoring over that mob.. I dont think it's anything to be shouting about tbh. No matter who is guilty of it .
It doesn't sit well with me that you'd rather it wasn't being discussed.

Why not find the threads where the actual survivors of this abuse are posting and tell them it's point scoring?


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That guy O’Connor is seriously unhinged. He must spend his entire day on twitter posting that same nonsense, it’s unreal how much his name appears.
Said it on a few other threads. Guys a mentalist mate.
He’s seriously obsessed with the point scoring aspect of their child abuse exposure, he’s obsessed with trying g to prove that rangers had a similar, if not bigger abuse ring and he’s out to expose it. The problem he has is, he keeps posting the same shite that everybody has seen and that everybody knows about, he’s not posting any new stuff. Just rinse and repeat for him.

he’s let everyone know his name because he thinks he’s untouchable. he might become unstuck with that one day though...


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Does anyone know exactly when it started, I know it was the 60s but was it early or late 60s? It's not a significant point but when the decades were listed last night by Thomson it really brought home how long it's been going on.

Abuse happened in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, it was covered up by them all that time and into the 00s and 2010s, we're now in 2020 and they still haven't provided a full, frank apology or made any attempts to help the victims find closure.

That's six decades where they've abused and/or covered up for abusing kids, that is almost half their history. Incredible, and it will continue to haunt them until they take responsibility and do the right thing by the victims.

Not that I'm inclined to give cel'ic advise (or quote Jesus for that matter) but only the truth will set you free!

*PS while it was an open secret at parkhead, it has been common knowledge in Scottish society since the 90s and for that the politicians, police force, judiciary, media and society as a whole should be ashamed that it hasn't been dealt with and the victims have been ignored for so long.


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In all seriousness it doesn't sit easy with me that this is used for point scoring over that mob.. I dont think it's anything to be shouting about tbh. No matter who is guilty of it .
The points scoring jibe is one we hear a lot from the likes of Spiers to further demonise the Rangers support and deflect attention away from the refusal of Celtic FC (and by extension their fans) to accept ownership of this scandal.

And they do that, quite clearly, because they understand that to admit culpability could see compensation claims run into the tens of millions, so I ask you, in moral terms, who are the real villains of the piece here?

The collusion between Celtic FC and the political-media establishment in Scotland to douse the flames of this story is sickening, especially so when it is compared with the zeal that all and sundry attacked us with for what was, morally at least, a significantly less serious indiscretion, so it’s completely understandable therefore that Rangers supporters will take all of this on board and demand that the punishment must fit the crime.


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its great that it’s been highlighted nationally but still felt there was so much more not mentioned.

the fact the Torbett was sacked by stein despite it being a “seperate entity” and then re-employed is absolutely scathing but not mentioned by Thomson. 15 min piece is nowhere near big enough to get across how bad this was.

Curious to know who asked this Henry to be an advisor, the guy comes across as a paedo apologist
Torbett being brought back into the fold despite his previous should have been highlighted.
There is just no hiding place from that whatsoever.


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So secret, that not one of the victims knew a thing about it.

None were interviewed. Why was that Peter?

You can confer.
That's fucking mental.
An investigation without asking any of the victims anything about what happened.
The Scottish media are utter filth for not highlighting this on a daily basis.
Compare and contrast them with and our legal tax avoidance scheme


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Sorry if this has been brought up before but is there not a link between Martin Henry who’s investigating all of this for the SFA and Neil Strachan (One of the worst Paedos to get caught and go to jail)?
Yes, indeed there is. Neil Strachan, who actually ran celtc boys club Edinburgh branch, was part of the same paedophile gang as the vile guy who set up a LGBT youth group along with Henry.
Henry reeks of wrong 'un.
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So what happens now. Is it just bury heads in the sand until it blows over , or are the relevant authorities going to do a proper investigation?
I think ideally Thompsons are trying to shame Celtic into an out of court settlement. That doesn't seem to have worked, so they will be waiting for the changes to the law before proceeding with the group settlement.

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Time for Professor Tomkins to repeat his demands for a full Independent Inquiry in view of last night's evidence.
Said it on a previous thread.If the Conservative and Unionist party in Scotland are to have any hope at all of a revival, then they must take advantage of open goals such as this.There must at least be questions asked in the shortbread assembly as to who knew and why they didn't act.If they can get away scot free with this one, then the game really is a bogey.

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The point scoring thing is just a way to shut down debate.
The literal equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and going la la la la
as i've said a million times, the point scoring argument is the best deflection argument they have, which is probably the most vile deflection tactic, imagine jimmy saville came out with ye it did happen but what about Rolf Harris?
1/ oh aye point scoring is disgusting
2/ aye but wit aboot Neely and Dunn , hmmm what was that about point scoring ? Tarrier scum .

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There are many kinds of silence.
The silence of the Scottish press and government following last nights expose by Alex Thomson is the silence of complicity, a silence that protects the abusers and the enablers, a silence that prevents justice by failing to speak out, a silence that is shameful.

Celtic failures must be kept silent.

The tactic so beloved of the abuser telling the victim to stay silent or they will be in trouble.

It appears Scotland does not care about the damaged lives that happened over 40 years of abuse by a number of paedophiles at Celtic/CBC.

Abuse that could have been stopped if the protection of the good name of Celtic was not placed before child protection.

The silence today's MSM in Scotland shows that protecting Celtic is still more important than helping victims.

Shame on you at BBC Scotland, STV and Daily Record etc.

Your silence is not silence but complicity in preventing truth and justice.