Alfie double


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Was an Alfie of old performance tonight.

You just hope it's the jolt of confidence needed that allows him to kick on from here.


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First time this season that he’s ragdolled defenders and used his body.

Also no over ambitious switch balls that he likes to play.

Will be interesting to see the difference in Kemar too under Gio when he’s back fit.


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Would have had a hat trick if Kent had squared.

He looked a bit more of his bullying self, lets keep it from him, thats his best.

Truffle Shuffle

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Great to see, effort, drive, rag dolling defenders. Playing his natural game instead of the shite dropping deep and being a mile from the box. He's got some sharpness and fitness to come, but that's a big step forward.

Gio and Roy making a big difference for the lad. Keep it going Alfie and welcome back.


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Hurricane Run

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He was superb. Looked a bit jaded at the end. Understandble, be a few weeks before hes capable of 90 at that pace. What a difference though. On his days hes as good as it gets to watch.


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2 goals, one of them a particularly great finish. Bullying defenders, and even saw him roll the defence once or twice.

Welcome back the real Morelos hopefully.


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Indeed, no need for shhhing the crowd though, just get on with it, work hard and get your form back


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Looks like hes back playing in the area of the pitch where he belongs

and not holding it up around the half way line


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Gio confirmed he told him to stay in the box tonight as opposed to coming deep.

That'll be interesting over time if he keeps that up.


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It’s almost like the first goal was like the training exercise on the training video. Ball played across the box and one touch finish! What do you know, it works not to take too many touches in the box!


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Thought “Alfie Double” was going to be a claim that we had an Alfie Double playing his part tonight. He ran more tonight than he has in 6 months :shh:

Gioooo. Gioooo.


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I was buzzing about him during the game, best he's been for a long time. But then I got pissed off on way home thinking that if he'd gave half of that on Sunday we'd have seen a different result.

Gary Mitchell

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Good to see the wee man getting back to old ways and Kent was fucking class looking forward to see how perform in the league with the new system.