Alfie makes Colombia’s Copa America squad


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Good news for us.
It should keep him in peak condition.
There's no denying he was overweight and not up to speed at the beginning of last season.


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That’s quite a big squad, due to be cut before the tournament?

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The tournament starts in 2 days, so I doubt it mate - baring in mind there’s a shit load of games to play.

Only a couple more than the Euro’s squads.
Just saw that. 2 groups of 5.

Has the Copy America always been like that?

Hopefully Alfie gets a few games and a goal. Would be great to see him scoring in a tournament.


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His hard work has paid off. The Copa America is a very popular tournament so will be witnessed worldwide. Good performances will up his value, confidence and popularity.
Go on Alfie.


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28 man squad.

17 players not starting.

He will do well to get some game time but if he does I hope he grabs his chance.


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Good luck to him hope he gets to show what he can do, he’s still one of my favourite players just can’t help but love him.

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Have to agree after watching Colombia a few times in recent games, they are badly coached resulting in a bunch of greedy individual bastards scattered throughout the squad.
Hope Alfredo boots some baws in that department followed by advice to established players and coaching staff on how the game should be played.
A video on how Rangers won 55 should suffice I think. B-D


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Columbia seem to have been on the slide in the last few years, maybe a good time for a newer players like Alfie to stake a claim via some top class performances.

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Hopefully he comes off the bench bags a winner then keeps his place, goni be some fewcweeks trying to follow columbia and the euros


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Colombia v Venezuela at 10pm this coming Thursday might be worth a watch. His best chance of getting decent minutes.