Alfredo’s goal was like sex


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Nothings better than making love to a woman who falls into your rhythm as you build to a mutual and natural climax

O.K. Bear

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People forget that he can score those kind of goals with either foot.

Thunder bastards with his right foot.
Headers into the ground.
Technique and composure on his left foot.

As complete as strikers can be these days.
Just to add to your succinct points...

His hold up play is first class, especially when he's ragdolling defenders around. I love watching him bully a defender much larger than him

Solid link up play which has gotten even better this season.

More and more he is leading the team via communicating where he wants the ball. Just before the goal last night, he gave Jack dogs abuse for not releasing the ball quicker.

Alfredo's got the lot and will only improve.