Alfredo is vital: I don’t think Rangers can sell Morelos in January even for £50m, says Kris Boyd


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“Rangers accounts don’t look too clever” maybe to you Kris because you cannot work them out and what is actually trying to be achieved from a horrendous position, all things considered they are actually very positive.


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IT’S hard to imagine Neil Lennon supporting Rangers.

But when it comes to the Europa League, there won’t be anyone more desperate to see my old club reach the last 32 than the diehard Celtic boss.

Lennon’s already taken his team through to the knockout stages. With two group games still to play, they’ve already qualified after Thursday’s sensational win over Lazio.

But on the back of that victory in Rome, he’ll now be hoping Steven Gerrard can take his men into the next round too.

For one thing, Lennon won’t want Rangers playing fewer games in February when the fixture list could have a huge bearing on how things pan out domestically.

He’ll want Rangers to have the same obstacles in front of them at a crucial stage of the season.

On top of that, there’s the Uefa coefficient rankings where there is now a very real possibility Scotland could claim two Champions League spots.

That’s massive for the Old Firm pair given the money up for grabs.

The fact is, the two results on Thursday night were brilliant for Scottish football as they boosted our game on every level.

It would have been hard to even imagine this scenario a few months ago.

You have to hand it to Rangers and Celtic because, when it comes to Europe, no one else is pulling their weight, with Aberdeen and Kilmarnock knocked out in the qualifiers.

But the two wins over Porto and Lazio had everyone sitting up and taking notice for all the right reasons.

I watched both games and there was so much to enjoy about the performances.

Celtic left it late to get their first-ever win in Italy, but it was no more than they deserved having battled back into the game from being an early goal down.

At Ibrox, that man Alfredo Morelos produced again.

He’s now so important to Rangers that I don’t think they could sell him in January even if a bid of £50million came in.

Listen, that’s not going to happen, but you cannot underplay how vital he is to Gerrard’s team.

For me, if they want to have a proper go at stopping nine in a row — which they clearly do — they couldn’t sell him at any price.

Gerrard said as much last week after the Betfred Cup semi-final win over Hearts, so I would imagine he’s got guarantees Morelos won’t be sold.

Rangers’ accounts didn’t look too clever when the figures were announced a few days ago but, at the end of the day, success comes at a price.

You also have to applaud Morelos for the way he’s changed this season and lost that immature, petulant side of his game, which was making him miss big games.

He deserved all the criticism he got for that. He was a liability.

There was no doubt he was letting his manager and his team-mates down with his constant indiscipline. Gerrard was clearly getting sick and tired of it.

But he has channelled that aggression now.

You still see him having little strops from time to time, like when he was being taken off at Ross County, and I don’t think that will ever change. It’s just who he is.

He also plays with an aggression which probably comes from his upbringing in Colombia. It’s like he feels he has to fight for everything and I understand that.

But the difference is he doesn’t overstep the mark and Gers are getting the benefit.

In terms of his finishing and goals, no one can argue with how good he is. I admire his ability to find the net as a striker.

His goal the other night against Porto came from nothing, really. It was just an instinctive shot hit early to beat the keeper.

This may surprise people, but Morelos actually reminds me of a player I used to play with at Rangers, Daniel Cousin.

He wasn’t the most prolific goalscorer during his time with us, and it was maybe only a few months all told.

Ask Walter Smith or Ally McCoist about him and they’ll probably say he was a real frustration for them because he only tended to play well when he felt like it.

But when he was on his game, he was a player.

Big Dan was as strong as they come and knew how to finish. He’s definitely someone that Morelos reminds me of.

He was at Rangers to get a move to the English Premier League and he did what he set out to do by joining Hull City.

Morelos will have the same intentions, but he’ll need to wait until next summer at least because selling him in January is simply unthinkable from a Rangers point of view.
I just said that earlier.
You been peeking into the FF forum again Kris?


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Cousin was temperamental but on his game unplayable. His performance in our 4-2 win v the Tim's was a masterclass. Morelos will hopefully be "a far better player ", but a little to go yet imo.
Morleos is a far better player there is no doubt about that. Whilst I agree in cousin's performance at Parkhead was excellent morelos has already scored DOUBLE the amount of goals in not even half a season than Daniel cousin did in his whole Rangers career.


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Not the worst then spoiled by the Cousin comparison. Gibberish. Alfie plays the same every game and gives his all whereas Boyd states Cousin didn't appear to.


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He’s changed his tune

Also Morelos is nothing like Cousin and a far better player
Cousin on his day was absolutely unplayable. We have had very few strikers in our history who had the pace, power and ability that Cousin had.

Unfortunately, as Boyd said he only showed it when he wanted too


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The most annoying thing about it is we have ex players in the media playing up to the hyperbole that Morelos is a hothead or as recently as a few weeks ago insisting he’s only worth £6 million .

contrast that to ex Celtic players who are on message .


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Rangers need to look at how much Morelos is worth to us. Already his goals are earning us millions in the Europa League. If he helps us to win the League and get to the the Champions League, that’s more millions. We could wipe out any debt by keeping him for another year and hopefully playing in the Champions League. It would be a gamble to sell him and find a replacement. We would also have the problem of the selling clubs looking at the money we got for Morelos, and the valuations of players that we would be interested in, would rocket, as they would think, ‘they can afford it’.


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He's basically trotted out the same column Sutton did two weeks ago saying Celtic cannot afford to sell Edouard in January, even for £50m.

FWIW it's worth, selling Morelos in January should be non negotiable unless we are offered insane money and by that we're talking £30m+


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Let’s be honest.

Sell Morelos for ANY price in January and we are selling the season.

He MUST stay until the end of the season then okay we can consider £30 million.
Unfortunately that is the harsh reality facing every Rangers fan.

Without a doubt selling Alfie in January all but hands the title to Celtic but can the Board afford to turn their backs on a £25m + bid.

SG has dropped a few hints in past week that suggest that Alfie will not leave until end of season and that must surely come from both the board and player. If Alfie truly wants away mid season but is refused he could down tools and be useless to us.

Kent's agent

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Alfie improving all the time, he took as much pleasure in his assist for SD goal as he did from scoring his own. He appears happy but big offer may unsettle him


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I think there is a reasonable chance a club will buy him in January and loan him back for the rest of the season. He is on track to score how many? 40 odd if he carries on as he is? He is receiving call-ups as the only 9 in the Colombia squad, regularly winning and assisting in Europe and doing the business domestically. the best way to steal a march on competitors and to keep the price down for a potential buyer is to get business tied up in January for him. It might work out as the best idea for us too, in that his focus will not be on potential moves and we will have an end to the interminable speculation. The downside might be that he starts to dip in form or try to protect himself for his move.

As supporters we need to keep in mind that the whole situation is a very difficult one for the board and manager to handle. There are so many factors beyond us just wanting to keep a real talent that they need to consider and while as a supporter it is really easy to say '£20 million is not enough for January', if you have already loaned the club £30 million and are looking at another couple of years of more, it is not so cut and dried. That is before you factor in whatever has been said to the player, his ambitions and the over-all health of the club.


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Thank fvck Rangers didn’t sell him for £9m to the Chinese couple of years ago, if the rumours flying around at that time were to be believed.

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I'd bite your hand off for £50 million in January. Don't forget we can use that money to buy a replacement and financially secure our future.