Alkass U17 Cup - Rangers Youth Win the Cup


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This team are doing some of the basics that our first team seemingly cant sometimes.

Passing and controlling.
Keeping calm under pressure
Attacking with intent and precision
Clinically finishing chances

The midfield are actually getting forward and creating a plethora of chances.

A very impressive performance. A few standout players but the whole team look decent.


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Very impressive from the lads.
Some great young players in there.
7 - 0, Rangers set the record for quarter-finals in this tournament.


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Cracking watch. The young guys look good enough to go on and win's hoping.
Like the look of Alex Lowery [sp] good on the ball can go past a man and finds some lovely forward passes. Going by what I just watched, we have a few gems in our youth teams.


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Wow some good goals there.
Great finishing and good decisive passing in the last third.
Young Coombes looks a natural striker.
Don't like picking out an individual because it was a team effort, but sometimes the way a lad goes about his work is worthy of special comment.