Ally McCoist apparently doing “I’m a Celebrity”


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Apologies if already posted, I couldn’t see a thread.

Anyway, various media sources saying that he’s one of the favourites to go into the jungle this year.

would have thought his punditry work would be paying the bills for him. If he goes in then I’d hope he’d win.

Thoughts? Any truth in it or load of muck?

Bolton Bear

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hmm not sure about this as id be worried he brings up something football/glasgow/sectarian and it ends up with Us being made out to be the baddies but this time on national tv, dont watch terrestrial tv anyway but id be worried some shite was mentioned and then that lot bend it to suit the anti taig agenda


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I would hope ALyy doesn't do this.
Tabloid TV and not worth a brain cell of attention.

That said the wife loves it. :eek:

Valley Bluenose

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Hope he doesn’t do it - though he’d be very entertaining. Every time he gets nominated the company that screens it would be quids in as the Dhims vote Ally out and we vote the other nominee out, money-spinner for them right enough.