Ally McCoist apparently doing “I’m a Celebrity”

Otis Blue

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To be fair he does need to shed a few. They all end up half their normal weight when they’re finished


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I still think he's largely unproven as a manager, given the circumstances. I'd like to see him in the SPFL or EFL Championship.

The jungle? Not so much.

He has absolutely no interest in being a manager anywhere. He was handed the job with us and even he must have realised he is shit at it.

As for the jungle meh. I must be the only bear who thinks his patter is utterly chronic. Can't listen to him


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They have got to deny it until they announce who's in the show.
True mate.

Brazil also teasing him the fact that he's not playing in the legends game because he needs to avoid injury for I'm A Celebrity...

Could be double bluffing stuff going on and all that.


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He's not doing it he told Talksport, was saying to folk to stop putting money on it as he isn't in talks with them but could be open to going on next year