American reacts to Hagi


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He came onto the scene and showed us his talents, now I think I think like many others have found when coming here he’s going through that transition period of settling into and rigidly following our system. It does take a wee bit of time. He will prove to be a great signing.


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He had an absolute stinker when he came on at the weekend and still should have had an assist if Itten was alive for the tap in.

I really like the boy. I don’t think any other player we have has his speed of thought and eye for assists. Yeah Tav and Borna get plenty from crosses and good play but Hagi is just a different Level of assist maker for me.

His pass to itten to tap in was case and point. As soon as he squared it you thought of course that’s the ball. But he was a good half second ahead of everyone with his thinking and that half second on a football pitch is huge.


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He's so young. Compare him to other players his age and you can see he's going to be a cracking player. He'll add body strength and that will see him kick on. Great long term investment.


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Can’t believe the stick he’s getting on here nearly on a weekly basis. He always creates something when he’s on the park and yes sometimes it doesn’t come off. He tries things other players just don’t have the vision for though so that has to be taken into consideration.
I think you might find that the stick he gets is from timposters, or people who know very little about football. I love a player like Hagi who can find that match winning pass.


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That other level we have in our locker, the one weve all been talking about the past couple of days. Hagi is made for just that, after he finds his feet and fills out a wee bit he is going to be a cracker.


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I'd personally like to see him play in the false 9 role instead of Morelos for a couple of games.

It might sound a bit mental when you first hear it but it keeps him in the sort of positions he thrives in and away from the areas of the pitch that he can become frustrating in.

The thought of him being able to link up with Kent, Roofe, Aribo and Arfield all at once is very tempting to me. We don't have room in our team for a central number 10 just now so this may be the next best thing, especially considering that Roofe is just as prolific when starting a bit wider.


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His talent and vision is plain to see.

Not having the greatest run of form and think much like Borna settling to the Scottish game and our system.

The number of assists and key points of play he has been involved in whilst off form is hugely exciting for when he settles.

Add into his age and his ability to progress as a player makes him a hugely exciting player for us


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Borna & Kent two great examples of players who when they came needed time to settle. Kent was fantastic on loan but once made permanent took some time to get up to his current form.

Goldson you could argue also has taken a bit of time to start producing the consistency we see now.

We're in the fortunate position that we have enough quality in the squad that we don't need Hagi firing on all cylinders right away. Happy to give it time and confident Gerrard and team, along with Hagi will have him flying before long.
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He reminds me of a Miko type player of yesteryear, there will be games he’s unplayable while others he looks off the pace.
However he is very much part of the group who will be rotated depending on opponents.


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I don't think there's a more talented player in the country than Hagi. Bags and bags of ability.

Looks to be lacking a bit of confidence just now but we saw last season what he can do and he's chipped in with goals and assists this season even when not at his best.

He'll come good. No doubt in my mind.
Sorry but this is nonsense, hes far from the most talented player


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He's where he needs to be, on the bench. That's not a slagging off, he's a very good young player that just needs to bide his time. His form will return.