An apology to Alfredo


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Where else in the planet would Alfredo witness the insults to his mother like pittodrie......which as far as I know ,nobody has been has been cautioned by the police or dolly f.c.... Then get vilified in the press after walking off the park at the piggery with racist abuse ringing in his ears from the tim all corners of the dump.Tim and SNP have ruined our once proud country

Mr. T.

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Dear Alfie
Once upon a time Scotland was actually alright. Thanks to the Reformation we had a school in every parish. This led to a small place taking a big part in the Enlightenment. Then? The Liberal Arts degree: the man o pairts. Empire sealed the deal...we travelled, we discovered, we settled. We had influence from Canada to Vanuatu.

But now it's a small, dark place blighted by many issues. From collapse of heavy industry to collapse of the education system, end of Empire to huge reliance on the state. And worst of all we have fenians and Nationalists. This unholy alliance is making me feel a stranger here, God knows what it must be like for you. Young, black, gifted, and yet at the eye of the hurricane. Your crime? You play for us. We are despised by the people who talk, talk, talk. The ludicrous chattering classes : unfunny comedians, shit writers, tuneless musicians, failures, small minded bigots, opinion formers as they're known. They feel that their destiny of leading us all to ruination in Brigadoon is being thwarted only by us. Our club and its evil tentacles...ruining everything.

I can't excuse the racism, hostility, and actual abuse but I hope you know that it's not always like this, and wasn't always like this. I know you will be a star. I also hope you always remember us. But shamefully I can't see you rushing back here too often...its not been a welcome. And for that I'm sorry. It shames us all...
Whether or not Alfie reads this, your middle paragraph encapsulates everything (or everyone) that’s wrong with our country. Unfortunately there are far too many people in Scotland who are unable (or unwilling) to think for themselves while soaking up all the rubbish spouted by nationalist politicians and (as you call them) the chattering classes. The big problem is that the more they churn it out , the more people believe it.

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For a start, he's not black. It's a bit embarrassing crying xenophobia and racism yet the majority of fans can't get his race correct.

We as Scottish football fans, pundits, etc. Rangers fans included.

That said I think you have misunderstood, the treatment of our player from the media is a disgrace. Other fans I don't care about they only hate him because of the joy he brings us. I'm just pointing out everytime there is an incident as above its made out by EVERYONE to be a Scottish problem yet in England they are now stopping games to play recorded messages reminding fans not to be racist!

What annoys me with Alfie its almost like we are putting ideas in his head about how bad things are here for him when he seems to be loving it.