Andrius Velicka - Video


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Actually liked him in his limited appearances offered a physcial presence and was a capable finisher but Boyd was the top striker at the time and he wasnt shifting him and their styles didnt compliment each other together
A much bigger contribution than hes credited for btw despite being pretty poor finishing aside.

Only got one real run in the team after scoring on his debut in a hoaching 1-0 win at Falkirk when we got injuries up front but he got 4 crucial goals in his 4 starts towards the end of the season or something similar to that. All in narrow games with not much in them. I think I'm right in saying one of them was scored at Easter Road in late April when we beat Hibs 3-2.

We won the league on the last day that year so Velicka really had a much bigger hand in Smith's first title back than most remember.
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I never liked nor rated him.
He missed a good chance in Kaunus in that humiliation and the match I remember comparing him to Boyd was at Hampden against a weak team (St Mirren , Falkirk?) . So Scottish Cup or League Cup semi probably.
He had two or three chances when he received the ball about 16 hards out , clear and free , level with the left hand post and they all came to nothing. Gets subbed, Boyd comes on and gets the ball in the same position. Bang! In the net.


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I’ll raise you the Boyd / Scott MacDonald partnership Chesney thought was going to take Middlesbrough into the Premiership.
Tbh I thought at the time when we where linked with MacDonald that it would have been a great partnership for us till he went to the taigs . also chesney thought was a good idea 5 years after I did