Andy Goram. 1964 - 2022. RIP The Goalie


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People will talk about his 92/93 season where took home all the medals and awards but for me Goram at his absolute apex was when Walter stuck him on the transfer list in 1994 and he responded by losing a stone and delivering some of the greatest performances I have ever seen from a Rangers player in the next two years culminating in his one wall brick wall performance v Holland at Euro 96.

Rudolph Hucker

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Never claimed a cross in his entire time at Ibrox, overweight for a number of seasons, a bit short in height and would get a nosebleed if he had to come out to the edge of the box.

Yet, Andy Goram is the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

Better than Schmeichel. Best shot stopper and angle-narrower with the reactions of a mongoose. His ability to make crucial, impossible saves at crucial moments of crucial matches over many seasons was, quite simply, phenomenal.

It always felt as though we started a game with a goal advantage when he played, that the opposition would have to do something exceptional to beat him. He was reliably brilliant.

The Goalie will always have a special place in my heart for all the joy and excitement he gave us. RIP Goalie - farewell, and Thank You.


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I first saw him on a Friday night, 1990 ish playing for Hibs v Millwall in a pre season friendly at the Den. Later I saw him all over Europe with Rangers, including that game at Elland Road, which only a few years ago, I interviewed him about for my 1st book ' 10 matches 10 players ' I had the pleasure of spending time with him at a number of Legends games I've organised in the South of England including the Ray Wilkins memorial game at Sutton United and a fundraising night I held for Fernando at London Waterloo. He always gave time to people. Gone far too soon Rest Easy Goalie


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The BBC news website has got quite a nice tribute, collection of tweets from colleagues, rivals and past teams. Touched many lives :(


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Symbolic of one of our greatest teams ever. It’s hard to explain to those who didn’t live through it but for a couple of years, when a striker went through on goal you didn’t get that nerve or panic. Totally relaxed and confident the goalie had it.


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In the 2004 v CSKA game I twice wrongly sat in Andy Gorams seat(I was never used to the dear seats),he just smiled,and laughed it off,not a great night for us that 1-1,but his reaction with me was sound,so RIP Goalie.

Northwest Ranger

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Very sad news, he was, imo, the best goal keeper to play for us, astonishing and amazing keeper and I remember always feeling confident knowing he was between the sticks.

Andy Goram


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An absolute hero of mine growing up. It was an honour and a pleasure to watch him play in the flesh. He set the standard for anyone who follows in his gloves. 26 games against them, 11 clean sheets and only lost 5, driving them demented in the process. A legend in every sense of the word. Rest easy, Goalie.

So Mote It Be

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Was fortunate enough to meet him on a few occasions.

Even in the first team dressing room after training one day, which was a privilege.

He was a phenomenal goalkeeper.

Best on the planet at his peak probably.

And do you know what I really loved about him?

He didn’t give one single fuck about how people judged him - he was unashamedly proud of who he was & what he stood for. Never batted an eyelid.

He loved us, he loved our Club & he loved our way of life…

But we love(d) you more Goalie.




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My abiding memory of his genius was in games when the rest of the team were hopeless and he was left to pull off save after save to stem the tide, such as the new year old firm in 98 and Steaua Bucharest in 95. A true last line of defence.


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Goram was more than a talented goalkeeper. His reflexes bordered on the supernatural.

Some of the saves he made - especially if you were there to see it live - literally defied belief.

I remember ITV news presenting a segment about a save Peter Schmeichel made against Rapid Vienna and they directly compared it against Gordon Banks v Pele, proclaiming them as the greatest saves ever made.

They had obviously never been to Ibrox as Goram made saves like that so often he made the remarkable look routine.

At his peak, he was not only the best shot stopper in the world but as good as anyone who ever has or ever will wear goalkeeping gloves.

He will always be my favourite Rangers player.


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The best I’ve ever seen as a keeper for Glasgow Rangers,I met him earlier this year in Dubai and he was well.Very tough to take.A club legend that we will always remember.

Rumping Roger

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Genuinely in bits, he was one of my favourites and knew exactly what we were about. Only lost 5 games vs them in his whole career for us. Performance against Leeds too, unbelievable player... and he was our Goalie.

2 of the Best

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Goalkeepers of his class do not come along too often, so proud to say he was one of ours and I would rate him as the very best of the best goalkeepers that played for Rangers.

R.I.P Andy and your many miraculous achievements and displays will for evermore be fondly remembered by so many Rangers fans. God Bless and thanks for everything that you done for our club.


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I remember the first time meeting Andy Goram it was when I played for Broxburn Colts under 11s and he was handing out the trophys at my presentation night. Was a legend to Rangers fans and me and always has been. Met him years ago after that at a sportsman's dinner with Frank Macavennie in Livingston as well. Has a great conversation about rangers and got some photos with him as well. RIP


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A talented, flawed, generous, friendly, misunderstood guy who happened to be a world class goalkeeper and Rangers legend. A hero to me and responsible for many of my best moments as a bear.

Rest easy Goalie. Taken too soon.

Delboy Trotter

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Grew up with him as our keeper and after getting home from Ibrox on a Saturday I’d go out with my mates when a young lad and want to be the keeper to be Andy Goram.

Proper hero.

Gutting that he got hit with this so quickly and in such a rapid manner.

Genuinely don’t think I’ll ever see a better Rangers keeper in my lifetime than him