Andy Goram. 1964 - 2022. RIP The Goalie


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Andy Goram was a feature of my Saturday afternoons for 7yrs and the reassurance you got when you heard his name called out was a measure of what he brought to the side.

As was said on H&H, we do love a player who turns it around from a poor start, and Goram turned it around tenfold.

I listened to him speak at an event last October and his view of the demands of playing at Rangers and what you had to be and do before you can really regard yourself as a Rangers player spoke volumes of his understanding of this club and of what makes the supporters tick.

RIP Goalie.

Carsons Army 2.0

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Parkhead. Van hojidonk pen and 1 on 1 2 yard out save. What a day. Thanks for all the memory’s Goalie but that one will always be there.

Lucky enough to meet U only stag do. Gentleman getting pics and talking to lads


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May you rest in peace Andy and our eternal thanks for all the memories you have given us over the years.
A True Rangers Legend
To the Goram Family my heartfelt condolences.


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Met him twice and each time he was taking time to make young bears feel part of the Rangers family

Hitting Decanio twice on the back of the head was unforgettable

RIP goalie