Andy Halliday - Thank you and goodbye


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Gutted on two accounts. The first that Andy didn’t leave with a medal from a significant trophy, and secondly, for Andy himself. We all know he’ll be absolutely devastated, and to not get a proper goodbye to the fans is a real sickener.

Footballing wise it’s the correct decision, but a sad moment nonetheless.


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To come back from being publicly humiliated at hampden and ridiculed by the yahoos that day and then play the game of his life against them at Ibrox a few months later showed extraordinary determination.i wish him nothing but the best in the future


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He lived the dream but just not good enough.

He'll get s decent move to Livi or similar.

Good luck Andy


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Andy lived the dream of all of us in the stands. Professional til the end of his Rangers career. Always spoke highly of our club especially during hard times. Pedros treatment of Andy was nothing short of disgraceful yet Andy took it on the chin, moved on and came back stronger. Mr Gerrard always spoke highly of Andy for his influence in the dressing room and his commitment. Thank you Andy. Only fitting you come back to do half time draw and receive a proper send off


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Best of British to Andy. One of our own and always have his all for the club. His efforts will be fondly thought of when looking back.


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Sad to see Andy go but its the right decision moving forwards.Hopefully we have young players coming through to take over.Wish him nothing but the best.


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Thanks Andy,,idda kept you big fella.
Good luck in the future,
One of our own