Andy Halliday - Thank you and goodbye

Olegs Hair

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Came across well in the interview today and appears stunned to be leaving although expecting it. Hope he finds himself a good club to settle at and when his football career is over can look back happy to have played for the Club he loves.

The burgh bear

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The dip in quality in either position when he came in was too big mate.

It's a shame to see him go but it's the correct decision
Yeah you are probably right if we want to get to 55 we have to strengthen all over and him been a utility man has helped him stay in the squad this long, just a shame that he has not had a chance to say goodbye.


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Should have left with a Scottish Cup and League Cup winners medals.
Alway gave 100 per cent.
Two abiding memories:
– The crunching tackle against Celtic at Ibrox which set the tone for the rest of the match.
– The headlock with Gerrard in Russia, after qualifying for the first Europa campaign.

All the best, Andy.


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Was better than a lot of the higher profile players,wish him only the best,can walk into Ibrox with his head high


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I hope he remembers the last 10 minutes against them at Ibrox when he was MOM. 50,000 bears singing his name.

he deserved a goodbye. Hopefully he can cover a game or two for us on Rangers TV in the future aswell


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I remember reading an article when he signed how he went to Manchester the day before his English Higher. Staunch! Did the same with my son and drove him back up after the game. Halliday was a player have all he had for Rangers.


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MLS would be a good move for him, better than any thing in Scotland, more enjoyable than the lower leagues of English football; League One etc.

Warm weather, cracking lifestyle, good money...