Andy Walker that was an easy penalty


For once I agree with him. Doesn't jump over McGregor he is getting wiped out. As someone said earlier Griffiths thought he was better and would have had a tap in.


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Pretty shocking comment for a commentator, but he wasn’t wrong, Shagger threw himself at him, it would have been easy for the ref to give the penalty and try and save his windows tonight.


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He's right though, it was, and you see them all the time. Thankfully Thumbheid thought he was better than he is and could get a tap in.

I think it's fair to say that's the correct observation.

Has to be said that Griffiths doesn't look half as scary up against this calibre of Rangers team, as he used to.

Archibald Leitch

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All he meant was that the junkie could have let McGregor hit him instead of jumping over him.

Not entirely sure he was siding with them given how many time he used words like abject and embarrassing.
The sole reason he uses such words is because it means so much to him.


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A bit unfair on Walker - he did say if Griffiths takes the hit rather than hurdle McGregor it would have been an easy pen. He is right on that, Greegs was late. It was nice to hear him slaughter the Scum and will no doubt lead to much more scum v scum action later


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I have to agree with him, Griffiths could easily have left a leg trailing and got a penalty but he didn't and he didn't.
Walker is a wankstain.


He was right, if Griffiths doesn’t jump he would be wiped out. Most strikers would have done that but Griffiths thought he could score.
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