Andy Walker that was an easy penalty


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So Ally would have cheated...
Its not cheating, what AW said was (after Ally had said it) was that Thumb should have kept his run straight and allowed Mcgregor to take him down, not hurdle him. Thats not cheating, if a player takes you down, thats a pen. You dont have an obligation to move out of a flying challenge, if you are hit and it takes you down, thats not cheating.
if you go down without contact, or with contact not sufficient to take you down naturally, thats cheating. It was a hypothetical conversation between the two analysts. Not anyone claiming for an actual penalty.


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Unbelievable comment from a commentator. Wanting his team to cheat because they are getting beat.

Dry yer eyes ya wankstain

I thought the comment was fair enough, and like another poster said it was Ally who insinuated it first.

I f**king hate Griffiths but he's not obliged to jump over Shagger. I'd have been raging if it had been Morelos.

Griffiths got to the ball first, McGregor was late and launched himself toward the ball like any goalie would. If Griffiths hadn't have hurdled him it would have been a penalty.

Griffiths f**ked up here if anything, it was an opportunity to get his team back in the game and he failed. Any decent striker would have taken the contact and gone down. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

It amazes me on a day where we bossed the game we still look to find things to get aggrieved about.

This really isn't one of them...f**k Walker btw.
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I think it would've looked incredibly obvious if he had went for the contact instead of running onto the ball.


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He's right though, it was, and you see them all the time. Thankfully Thumbheid thought he was better than he is and could get a tap in.

Absolute pish. You literally never see penalties given when the Keeper is absolutely nowhere near the attacking player!! It was a nothing
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