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Ange must stay: they have no direction or answers and gunning 2 bad teams managed by lifelong C3lts (St Mirren and Dundee) proves nothing. If we could just up our game we could leave that terrible club in a really bad way next season

Hexham Blue

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The hiding they are due will hopefully be delivered on Thursday night, then two tough aways that should see them at least trail us by ten points. Shrimps on the barbie before the clocks go back. Bye flange.


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"He's no even a good manager"
Watched the last 70 minutes of that today and it's as bad as I'd heard. Soro is a walking booking and there were so many wayward passes.
Dundee United tired near the end and they still only had one real chance.


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Who was it that coined that stupid name "Angeball" it's genuinely awful :rolleyes: B-D

But it will be interesting to see if the bold Ange will get the same treatment from the MSM that Pedro got when results were not coming together. And this is on top of the boss suddenly leaving that dump. Remember that? B-):shh: