Another Bear away - Sandy Smith (Biff)


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A lot of good guys held on long enough to see 55. Which gives me a tiny lift amongst all the sadness seeing good bears taken from us.
May they all rest in peace.
Those that seen 55. And those who never.

Thought the exact same everytime I see on of these threads and especially DDJ one.
Lots of good guys went to the big stadium in the sky as champions with a big smile on their face.



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First Knew Big Biff from the Louden over 30 years ago and still remember him giving Ian Ferguson stick in the Alexander (IIRC) the day after the 89 SC final! In fact I still have a photo of the two of them that day. Another character sadly gone. Thoughts and prayers with the family circle at this time.


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I didn't know Biff personally but was in his general company a few times around Duke Street. I still recall a memorable moment back in 86 in Monchengladbach, but that's a story for another day.

Sad to hear this news, what a character and a Loyal True Blue, RIP Biff.

J J Burnel

Never a dull moment back in the day when Biff strolled into the Alexandra Bar, after sinking a few in the Louden, on a Saturday evening.

One of our support's genuine characters and will be sadly missed.

RIP Biff