Another to add to the Rangers Haters list

Midfield General

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I thought this thread was going to be a bout some high profile person with some type of influence.
Who cares what this random nobody thinks.


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I've checked what this guy is doing with haircuts in the care home and its laudable.

But what is it with people like this, who just can't help themselves by giving vent to their hatred and in the process alienate some of their customers?

I've no problem with him being a Hibs fan. But he's really just a Rangers hater, that's the emphasis he puts front and central for himself, and his clients who are Bears should take the hint.

Sir Sasa Papac

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The snide bassa’s pinned tweet features a Rangers supporter! What a two faced pr1ck, wonder if the families of,the Rangers supporters he cuts the hair of, know what his real thoughts are?
You should tweet the Rangers guy direct for a comment in his bead rattling barber and whether he’ll be back