Antwerps dodgy keeper


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I thought that giant Avanati gave our centerbacks as much trouble as anyone will be glad if he isn’t playing.

he’s 3rd choice behind Ze and Mbokani

Ze is a level above anything they had on the pitch on Thursday we will need to watch him closely and defend better than we did last week.


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Yeah, Mbokani is injured again but Lamkel Ze is back who is a handful.

There are not as bad a team as is being made out and the keeper isn't a Barras.

He actually made a decent save from Morelos and then Roofe before the ball broke off him. I would be asking questions of the defenders not the keeper.


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Are you sure? Looks to me he came on about 70 minutes.
It's the keeper that he's talking about he was taken off injured after 35 minutes. Mbokani according to the sun isn't in their travelling party for the game he's suffered a setback after coming on at the weekend.