Any word on a pitch inspection?


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I know it's been wet, but in this day and age should main roads in Scotland be in the state they are after a bit of rain?
The video of Edminston Drive is like Bangalore in monsoon season. Slight exaggeration there.


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I’m not saying it will or will not be called off but it’s not always about the state of the pitch - if the conditions outside make it unsafe for fans they can call it off too
Which is what people are ignoring, doesn't matter how good the pitch is looking. It's the state of the area around the ground that's the problem.


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Aberdeen arrive
And the front entrance on the side nearest the stadium appears not to be holding the water like other parts of the stadia.

The game remains very much on and it's understood the Ibrox side upgraded their drainage system over the summer to further improve their ability to cope with heavy downpours.


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We chose to reschedule a match against Gretna or something, which added to the end of season fixture log - can’t remember the reasons.
I must be wrong about the weather back then.
I think the Gretna one was regarding players being on international duty.