Anybody else still buzzing?


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Just rewatched the highlights for the second time. Only thing I HATE about being in America is not being there. Nothing in this world can replicate the feeling
Just watched the 2nd half on the Spanish channel, having watched it at the office earlier on the Bleacher Report.
Commentary on the Spanish channel is brilliant, even though I cannot understand it,
Girls in the office are getting used to me jumping about and shouting when Rangers score, but you're right, not quite the same thing as Ibrox!

Graeme's dad

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Watched it in South Africa. The missus went to bed about kick off time (10 PM in SA) and wished she hadn't bothered when I started screaming when Alfie got the first one. Just as she went back to sleep, Davis got the second! Adrenalin has seriously kicked in, hardly slept a wink. What an improvement in our European matches over the time since Gerrard took over. Just brilliant.


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Couldn’t sleep when I came home and up at 4.30am for work... 3 odd hrs sleep but I’m as high as a kite :))


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Watched the highlights and goals about 40 times, polished off a bottle of wine and fell asleep on the sofa about 2am. Been up since 6 to get ready for work, watched the highlights again, absolutely buzzing.

Will get to work, get a coffee and go see the only other Bear in the building, then the Leeds fan I talk football with.

Then I'll watch the highlights again :D

Zero work getting done!


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Aye. Was at a Feeder gig in Cardiff last night (bad timing, great gig) but managed to avoid the score and watch the game when I got home. So this bear was bouncing around the living room at 2am trying to avoid waking everyone else up when Alfredo’s goal hit the net :))

A wee bit tired this morning, but buzzing nonetheless. After a 1st half in which we hardly had a kick but defended well, we really stepped it up 2nd half and Porto couldn’t handle us when we went in front. Alfredo is simply magnificent.

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Amazing result. Work in a gym down south, lots of Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham fans who norm like a bit of a wind up about mickey mouse Scottish League. Every one so far has said what a great result it was and most of them want their team to buy Morelos. Cant wipe the smile off my face.