Anyone else receive a £25 Castore voucher in the post today?


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Got it and delighted. Really nice touch. Here was me thinking it was only me after purchasing the Garcia for all those pounds !


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Still waiting on them refunding postage for the pre order that never arrived, so I won’t hold my breath for a voucher


Garcia hoody is steep but those that bought it... is it really good quality and would you recommend it? How’s a hoody waterproof? Is it not cotton?
I'll own up and say I bought one. Large upfront cost but 6 months later after a lot of wear it's still like new. Id say it's shower proof rather than waterproof, but italso doesn't make you sweat and is really comfortable.


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Never got one. Unless it's still on the way.

Bought a few Castore things when our deal was first announced so hoping it's just delayed.


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I got one through this morning.

Off to see if the woman’s section has reappeared from yesterday.


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If anyone still happens to have their letter/code kicking around and won’t make use of it, I’d love to make use of it...
I’ll forward you mine via DM.

I was holding onto it for the sales. However, I went on today and spend over £300 meaning the WATP10 code gave a bigger discount. 1 to bear in mind if your order is over £250
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