Anyone got any pictures of Stan the former Ibrox commissionaire?


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he was a man possessed when the club deck was getting built, everybody coming in the front door and the fire alarm going off every other day


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I have an awkward claim to fame that he chased me out of Ibrox once!

Summer of 1990 and there was a load of us collecting players’ autographs outside the Main Stand, then someone saw one of the exits from the West Enclosure open so a handful of us ventured in and on to the Enclosure… I got a photo of Walters, Hateley & someone doing a bit of stretching on the trackside before Stan Holloway appeared waving his arms and bawling at us to get out.
We ran like the wind!


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I knew Stan when he was the manager of British Plant Hire in Clark St Paisley but thats going back a rake of years ago