Anyone think Livingston will do us a turn today ?


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I'm hopeful but outside of striker and CB, Celtic's team are mostly their main players. They'll have had 5 days to prepare since Hibs, so they will probably look a bit better, than they did against hibs.

If it was on livis bowls carpet, I'd go Livi win. With it at the scumdome, I can't see a Livi win. I'm hoping Livi can eek out a draw and then we go scud Motherwell to all but end it.

The midweek game is the bigger possibility of dropping points for me. Players coming into play a physical Livi team on a frozen carpet, after no gametime in 18 days and home training for 10 days. That is a recipe for disaster and could end with multiple injuries.


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Fingers crossed, this guy Martindale has got them flying as of late, hopefully the whole confidence through the roof versus confidence in the gutter equation holds true. Duffy with an OG and an assist for Livi, 2-1 to the visitors.


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Yes . Imo my opinion they’ll take points today and midweek and effectively finish Celtic off . B-D

although I think Hibs more or less did that last week B-)
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This will be a tough game for the mhanks the lad Robinson is in form up front for Livingston and will give Doofus a hard time .


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Livingston have scored 6 in the last two and 10 in total in the last 4.

they will score today and I fancy them to score more than 1, will Celtic score more than 2???

I can’t see it.

Livingston win today
Livi were very unlucky not to get something there in September. Livi are a better side than hibs at present as well. I expect a close game there today and on Wednesday night as well


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If Livi are still in the game on 60mins then they will either get a draw or win!!

Celtic (despite scoring a freekick) were all over the place when the legs started to go and the young lads that came on only underlined that.


A draw for today and the 13 might be back for the mid-week fixture but will they be match fit after self isolating for two weeks anything they might have picked up whilst on holiday in Dubia will have been long forgotten plus the plastic pitch being in livi's favour i fancy a win for them there


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A draw wouldn't surprise me.

The tarriers have a terrible defence and have nothing up front. Not a good combination.

Livi will bully the weans.


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Not really expecting but equally would not be surprised if they did.
One team bang on form and the other as fragile as f%#£ confidence wise.
If Livi get the first goal then definitely.


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I think they will win. Hibs really should have won and were/are in poor form.

I think if they do win it will be quite comfortable. They either shit the bed or win 0-2 for me.

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A draw today then a Livi win in the week will see the Taigs only taking 2 pts from 9...... that’ll see the sharks circling in the Car Park again B-D
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I believe livi will be better on the counter attack to a bottom team they played recently. Cant remember who. The lack of striker and strong Wide men make the task of penetrating their organised team very difficult.

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Honestly think this bad on and off field press will affect the Celtic players in a negative way. Livi will take at least a point out of the 6.


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Yes, I am hopeful that there will be no upset today and Livi will take the points. They’ve played a full strength Celtic twice already, drawing the last one and should have taken a point from the midden earlier.

Livi are also full of confidence and beat Hibs 0-3 at Easter Road at New Year and we saw that Hibs side dominate for large parts on Monday. Jason Holt Loyal.


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Nah i dont think livi will do is any favours today. If todays game was at livibgston i might have thought different but the taigs will be too strong for them at the piggery.


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My heart says-yes
My head says-no.

They’ve got a better chance midweek (even with the Gallowgate Gallacticos back in the fold).


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Hopefully so, they are on a good run and could easily get a point against an under strength Tarrier side.

Same with Wednesday. There full squad is back but they have to play on that plastic pitch, both us and them struggle on it.

Regardless, if we keep winning it really doesn’t matter what they do. But if they drop points it’s a nice bonus.


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with all the pressure that’s coming from within, allied with the amount of players out and how livi are playing I think they will almost certainly take something from today’s game.