Apparently Brandon Barker is our dirtiest player.


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Another stat that jumps out is that there is only one club missing from the most fouls committed list.

Are we really supposed to believe that year after year, the cuddly craicsters from the east end legitimately top all of these fair play tables including consistently having the least yellows and reds of any team.
For a foul to be committed, the ref must blow the whistle and declare it a foul.

I think that is the most telling of all. Refs are ignoring fouls by Celtic players and just saying "get on with it" to the opposition


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this is where european stats usually show the anomaly where we and the bheasts have similar card counts but a discrepancy in scotland.

Not this season so far mate.

12 to our 8 in the league.

6 to our 3 in Europe.

Brown booked 5 times in the league already. Must admit that surprised me. The fouls thing really isnt a surprise. Ourselves and the Filth must have about 65% possession for most games, stands to reason we wont foul as much.


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Of course, this only includes fouls awarded. Hence, a team that gets away with fouls will not feature heavily in the table of dirty players.


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Couple of interesting facts there.

Our whole front three get the sh!t kicked out of them by the other teams, whereas only their right back makes the top 20. Sounds about right.

And also Alfie nowhere to be seen on the most fouls list. Yet he's apparently the dirtest player ever seen in the game according to some.


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If you consider a drunken threesome in Tiajuna with two Mexican midgets and a bewildered donkey spectating.

Only kidding Brandon would never do that!


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For me that tells me that Barker is the one Rangers player that loses the ball the most for Rangers and then commits a stupid foul to try win it back. Not that I’m dissing him as I think he’ll come good
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