Arfield disallowed goal


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A few people have said at least it didn't impact the result.

This is true, but celtic came out flying ag the start of the season and are now slowing down as they've two games a week.

In a weekend where celtic scraped a tight win at home, a 5th goal could have been a big help in clawing back the goal difference. We're still 11 goals behind and it would be nice to slowly claw this back before we play them at Ibrox. Going in to Ibrox with a shot to go top would be huge.


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The more you see it the worse it looks


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Once Rangers get a decision there is panic from officials about the crowd reaction and whats being said on tv and radio about the performance... same thing happened at Easter road and that time it did end up costing the team and manager. They fear the media and i suppose you can understand why.

Its funny when folk say guys like Steven McLean(and all the others) are just shite, just hopeless, standard is so poor at the the moment.....well i cant think of one hopeless decision or performance where Rangers have been the team getting the benefit of these mistakes, and hes been at the top a very long time.

His performance v Hibs a few years back in the midweek game at easter road was every bit as biased as anything Clancy has turned in.


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That clown irn bru heid Stewart say it’s a foul bio mechanic or some shit like that and he said it with strai face


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100% It's actually laughable that folk in our support think we will not be the victims of VAR. It is so open to abuse it's frightening.

Right now, the ref's hide behind the attitude of 'ah well, didn't see it, sorry'.

With an infinite amount of time to review the decisions, often live on TV, there is no excuse that the officials can hide behind. They have all the time in the world, and all of the materials at their disposal to make an accurate assessment of the incident.

Will it be perfect? No. But it certainly will be a shit tonne better than what we have now.