Arfield interview on sky


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He has a winners mentality.

Plenty others would have gave up and put their heads down previously. This group know it's a work in progress and believe in themselves. There's a hunger there which is only going to be built on the longer the quality core plays and sticks together.

Hopefully a good start to the season kiccks them on.


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I really like Arfield. I think he gets a tough time on here at times but hes one thats mentality cant be questioned imo. Seems a great guy and knows what its all about. Bring us some trophies next year please!


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We're starting to build a team of guys who can not only play but have the character needed to succeed here.

They haven't succeeded yet as Scott rightly said but it's not far away.
I would love a Butcher like ready made skipper to come in, nothing against Scott but I like my captain at CH especially if he's more advanced like as of late.
For me we need a few leaders added with quality and drive.

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