Arfield - Loves a 1,2 and a pass and move


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He is good at it, I also would say today I noticed a lot of 'triangles' from all our players. We always moved and the players seemed to know where their team mate was going.


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Can see why he was one the first players Gerrard brought in, there’s so much more to him than just “that guy that played for Falkirk” that I thought we were signing.


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The Falkirk team he came through in was a good footballing side.
Played us off the park many times at Falkirk but lack any real quality when it mattered to hurt us.


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Taught from a young age to pass and move and Arfield does it better than anyone I can really remember in a Rangers Jersey.
Pass and move, so simple but he does it better than all.
Just they wee things that you sometimes see but he’s been amazing.
Arfield also gets into space ahead of the forwards more than anybody.
Too often though, it’d take a wonder ball or two passes to play him in.
It would also take a midfielder with more vision than we currently have.


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His 3rd man running is superb and umarkable, I think we can really kick on from this today, it's the total distain we treated them with today that impressed me so much.
Agree mate. I counted at least half a dozen instances of his running off the ball and dragging the scum centre backs with him.Top class today was Scotty.


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I agree.

That pass to Jones against Motherwell doesn’t get enough recognition. Incredible.


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His first touch can be a little suspect. He is slow on the ball. But...

his movement off the ball is exceptional. There are many players worth tens of millions that could learn a great deal from him.

I was raving about him after the game and a mate of mine said he hardly saw him touch the ball. He had plenty of touches but his running and movement was just immense. He was absolutely key to our performance.

I’ll be in a minority but he was my man of the match.


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Always think his movement/runs off the ball are brilliant - not so easy to see on TV compared to being in the stands at Ibrox.

Reminds me a bit of Bobby Russell.


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He's been excellent all year tbh.

Clearly benefitting from not having to play for Canada as well. I can see why he wants to be involved there still - he's the captain, they have some excellent young players - but he really needs to have a think about how it works going forward.


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Has played his way into our starting line up. Great form and gets stuck in. Great signing.

Zapp Brannigan

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Him and Hagi play really well off each other because they both have the vision and ability to play intricate pass and move football. An in form Arfield is undroppable.


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I love the way Arfield plays. We play our best football with Arfield on the park because of the way he passes and moves. He is so underrated among our support.
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