Arsenal been in contact with Glen Kamaras agent ?


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I very much doubt we’d sell him for as little as £12m regardless of the pennies we paid Dundee, but it would be typical of EPL clubs to low ball us like that.

He’s a member of a runaway championship winning team, has excelled for us on the continent and will be playing at the Euros this summer.

If they happily paid the Yahoos £25m for Tierney, why on earth would they think we’d accept less than half that for one of our star performers?


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Football insider?? :D

Arsenal are reportedly stepping up their pursuit of former academy ace and Rangers midfield mainstay Glen Kamara ahead of the upcoming transfer window.​

According to a report from Football Insider, Premier League giants Arsenal are intent on re-signing Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara from Scottish champions Rangers in the summer and are ready to hand him a five-year contract to return to the Emirates.


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Offering a 4 year contract quadrupling his wages according to a report.

Valued at £12 million they say.

Lots of clubs watching him.
Crystal Palace were apparently sniffing around and the end of 2019 and the figure mentioned was £11m. (so I heard)

It's safe to say that Kamara's performance level has gone up several levels since then.

He would be a sensation in the Arsenal midfield but I doubt we'd entertain any bid of that amount.


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I don’t usually make predictions on transfer values, but I really don’t see Kamara going for as little as £12m especially to the EPL and one of “the big 6”!

TBH, I will be surprised if he goes for less than £20m.


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12 million
Thankfully now we’ve got a board and a manager who will laugh that out the room and tell the Arsenal scum to %^*& off.


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I’m guessing £12m is just the first instalment.

Arsenal get linked with Kamara every transfer window, probably just the usual speculation

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I don’t think we’ll get the £20m that some posters have their hearts set on, hope he has a cracking Euro’s though from a personal point and financial one.

Arsenal/Kamara is a lazy link due to his background at the club, he’d obviously suit their midfield and do well.

But can’t see it.