As a very famous lesbian tennis player once said

Lone Star

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It would be nice if all our opponents came to Ibrox with the intention of making a game of it, but the reality for most is that not getting cuffed is success, a draw is worth celebrating. We’d better get used to this. In a lot of cases the away fixtures will as easy as home games for us.


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That game reminds me of the old championship winning videos/dvd, when u see the goals from a game U totally forgot, but they are necessary for winning a title.


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Scottish football is horrible to watch. Opponents just sit back defending hoping to hit you on the break. Outside us and them nobody really wants to make a good game of it.


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Really don’t care how we play this season. I would sit through that crap all season to win the league

El Toro

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I'll take playing badly every week and winning as I'm sure everyone would if it wins us the league. At this point the only thing that matters is winning. We can play nice football next season just give me wins!


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The mark of a champion is not winning when your playing well. The mark of a champion is winning when you’re not playing well.
We did enough tonight and Martina would have been proud of us.
What's her sexuality got to do with her quote?
Why not a famous woman tennis player once said op?