Asa Hartford


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Excellent player. Very popular - move to Leeds from West Brom fell through as I'm sure they detected a hole in the heart at the medical Never held him back had a great career. Another who started at Drumchapel Amateurs.


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A good bear. One of my dads best friends from school days. A few years ago we were down visiting family in England and my dad gave him a call. He sorted us tickets for Stockport v Burnely whilst he was Manager. Got to meet him and a few players For a kid of 7 or 8 it felt amazing.


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I met him years ago when he was a coach at Accy Stanley although I don't remember much about it.


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He grew up in Faifley.

I only know this because my old man played against him at school for Edinbarnet against Faifley primary.

Tries to claim he was better than him too. :D
If he wasn’t better than him he must have been really shite as he was up against a 6 stone weakling with a hole in his heart and hair over his eyes

Il Ciocco

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Watching him tonight against Holland in 78 he was outstanding. So was Souness. Neither of whom looked remotely Scottish!

Tam Forsyth and Martin Buchan also excellent Big Tam getting forward at every opportunity - fantastic.
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