Ashley sells Newcastle


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Been in this position a few times before, wouldn't surprise me if there was a snag or two.


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This. The fat mess has supposed to have loaned Newcastle £125m+ over the years. Don't see him writing that off.
Apparently the potential payment of this loan has put buyers off in the past.
They must be past this if docs have been submitted to the fa?

Or is the ultimate moonbeam at renewal time


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Pleased for the real Newcastle fans.

Hopefully not out of the frying pan and into the fire!


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Great for the Geordies. I could not understand why a big investor had not come in for them. They have a massive support and are the dominant club in the North East of England at the moment.

Laudrups Barnet

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This is fantastic news for toon fans. the attendances now that fat sleazebag has gone will be phenomenal. A proper club not turned into a tourist attraction. Very excited to see them have money put in and Rafa to stay and be given money to spend.


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Maybe see Newcastle as a top 7 club now. How is success going to be measured at all these rich clubs since only one team can win the league and only limited champs league places


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Maybe he’s been told that, not only has all his litigation against us been thrown out, but we’re due millions in compensation and legal fees.
is that a realistic possibility? would love us to take a few mil out his pocket