Ashley Takes Season Ticket Money


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That tells me he is desperate for cash and is absolutely robbing Peter to pay Paul.
I would be surprised if any manufacturers/suppliers are prepared to deal with him after this is over as there will clearly be fears the Fraser group is heading for calamity.


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I really hope when this pandemic has blown over the Great British Public will remember the underhand and totally immoral antics of the likes of the Coylumbridge Hotel and Fat Ashley and boycott their businesses forever and put them out of business.
Parasitic bastards that they are!
Unfortunately the Great British Public are also a fickle bunch - Wetherspoons will be rammed.


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F()ck me, he’s going into overdrive to demonstrate how much of a c()nt he is. I hope the nation remembers how this absolute scumbag has acted at our darkest hour.


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I know people will have direct debits set up, but how can he keep money for a product that we don't actually know when it will start and in what format?

If Newcastle fans had any sense, they'd sue him individually through small claims court for the return of their money based on him not being able to guarantee what they're paying for.


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But they’ll still fill the stadium for the first game of the season next year.

No sympathy about them moaning about him they put up with him and do nothing to get it to change.
%^*& off with that tripe.

would be just as easy for clueless idiots to say we put up with Murray and Whyte which then led to 2012.

infact there was a small percentage of fans including myself who were warning us of Murray and all we got back from the majority of bears was “ah but he bought us Gazza and Laudrup man”

them like us are not all fickle sheep but from the outside it may appear that way.


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As a fan base the majority refuse to cancel ST’s and still pay for his shite merchandise

They will continue to be treated like shit by this piece of shite

His business should suffer given the recent actions he has tried

Making SD staff go to work in the shops.
Forcing warehouse staff to process orders
Upping prices online stores
Paying off staff of a catering business

The guy is a disgusting bastard and the Govt should be trying to get him on some for of corporate charges


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Given that no one knows what next season will look like or when it'll begin, this is ridiculous from the fat jumble sale tycoon.

Why Newcastle fans don't boycott whilst he is still around is beyond me.


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Yet they will still go week in week out
Yeah just like us , our away support fill all away grounds & give the teams that hate us thousands & thousands of the blue pounds , if the Scottish clubs allow the scum to be give the title, we should never step foot in there run down grounds ever again , just a thought


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Was having a discussion bout whether Mike Ashley or Tim Martin are the biggest c**ts in the UK at the moment business wise?


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I must admit, I know the Geordies can be Nutters, I’m surprised The Slug hasn’t had a visit from one of Them?
Could say the same about Whyte, Green, Ahmad etc.

I'm sure when he's at StJames Park there will be plenty police/stewards close by, and away from the games, he probably lives in London, and as a billionaire, doesn't frequent the types of places that nutters normally go!


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I am aware of the legal and moral problems but I would absolutely support revoking his citizenship.


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Is anybody really surprised? This is just typical behaviour.

I read yesterday that although he has eventually had to close his shops to the public, he’s still making the staff come in if they want their wage.

He makes mud dwellers look like a superior species.


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Newcastle United will only be able to escape him when he dies.

he’s been there so long he must have tied them into all manner of unfair contracts for the benefit of SD.


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Parasite, if his behaviour hasn't woken people up to stop using his shops then nothing will.


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Newcastle United will only be able to escape him when he dies.

he’s been there so long he must have tied them into all manner of unfair contracts for the benefit of SD.
I would guess contracts would continue with the company that hold them even when he dies.


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Mike Ashley, a top class, first rate super spreader of f*cking doom and gloom.
How can one ‘man’ be such a total c*unt?

Jules Winfield

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Good the publics opinion of him has never been great but the stuff he has done during this might just be the final straw for everyone