Ashley with the away kit on website before club do

Many fans wouldn't piss on Fatso or his tat stores if they were on fire.

Some probably will but most I think is a stretch.
Plenty will have no idea it's a SDI company. People will google for Rangers kit, that pops up - looks legit to the lay person - and away they go.

Unless you read the site T&Cs where frasers group and Shirebrook are mentioned, plenty wont give it a second thought. Exactly as he intends it.

That said, he's still trying to shift gear from 21/22 so may not be doing tremendous business for him.
On the site at the bottom of every page is says (C) 2024 Rangers Retail Ltd. Surely that has been wound up now?

The T&Cs state you are buying from Wareshop2 Ltd which is a Sportsdirect company.
Very odd the away ķit and not home is on websites. All the launch stock for the home kit will be in the warehouse ready to go for launch day.
The club really are behind the 8 ball with this every fuckin season.
Any chance of getting ahead of the game, just once?

Strange that we are bringing out away kit first
We should be (within the law)ending our association with castore if they can't prevent the zero hour jumble sale from doing this