At their peak how would Gazza compare with Hagi Snr?


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Both top players who could do anything they wanted with a football.

Hagi had a better glower, but Gazza played for Rangers so I'm going for him.


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Could have both played together in the middle of the park, no need for a box to box or orthodox holding player with those 2 magicians


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Hagi did it at a higher level, for longer.

A non injury plagued Paul Gascoigne was the better player, but the reality is, his career (despite a brilliant 18 months for us) was stop-start after smashing his knee at Wembley!

Mark Walters

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Gasgoine was as good as Hagi Snr - two absolute World class players but Hagi was more consistent because he didn't have the demons Gasgoine had. Gasgoine wouldn't have signed for us if he wasn't flawed personally. He'd have been at clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid like Hagi was.

The McLeod

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Weirdly I was thinking this today. Started off Hagi v Stoichvok then Gazza.

Hagi better player.

Stoichkov who you'd want in team.

Gazza different kettle of fish re the OP, a mix of the other two.

* I'd take Valderama afore the 3 of them tho lololololol :p


Got to be Gazza. Hagi was no slouch though but Gazza was my hero as a kid.

Hopefully Hagi Jnr will go on to be better than both and while at Rangers.

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Both superb players, but I’d have to give it to Hagi as he probably did it at top level for twice as long as Gazza.
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