Attendances this season (% full)

Robert Marshall

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Dnt forget that small drop from oerfection is probably due to the double sided boundary they make for away fans.

House them where you only need one side then we would get close to a perfect score you can gen get.


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Considering that Kilmarnock isn’t that big their attendance isn’t that bad.

They also have a ridiculously over sized stadium.

Texas ranger

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At this stage, it’ll be heavily influenced with the smaller clubs with who has already played Rangers at home and I suppose Celtic too.


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Love the fact that st pats have a figure of 95 % . Who are they kidding, you can knock 20 % off that for their shithole. They really have no shame. Everyone in Scotland knows they just make up their attendance figures, but England and the rest of the world just see what's published without knowing the truth. What is it with them and hiding the truth!!!