August 17th

Gibraltar Loyal

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Thing that gets me is we can boycott SD and folk are rightly saying give him no more money due to way hes treated us yet we still give a fortune to clubs that wanted us gone...wheres the logic?


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The eight group winners and four best runners-up progress to the second round, where they are joined by the four clubs competing in Europe - Celtic, Rangers, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen.
The seeded teams in the last 16 are the four European clubs and the four group winners with the best records.


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Game will be 18th August

Foo Fighters play Bellahouston Park on the Saturday plus we should have been playing in Europe on the Thursday before

Last season draw was on Sunday as well and within 48 hours the game at Kilmarnock was confirmed before the 2nd leg of Osijek QR2 game

As stated seeded we are ball 2 - based on league position from last season

1 Celtic
2 Rangers
3 Kilmarnock
4 Aberdeen

plus 4 best group winners