Australia ahead of the advertising curve!

Earl of Leven

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I noticed today that VAR is brought to you by Mcdonalds.

I thought it might happen but not so soon!


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Depends on the rules of product placement in the UK

It does happens in the UK but I didn't think it extends to in game promotion yet

Watching the MLS and I am sure it was Ticketmaster Substitution the other night,

The US are huge for in game product placement


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Today's VAR decision is brought to you by McGhee's Bakers...or something as cringe worthy.
We've got the Caramel Wafer cup FFS not even a caramel log!


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Australia can afford VAR and we can't even afford multi ball. Much Much More decline in the SFA national team to come Kris Boyd is right.
that shows how backwater our game is, it’s one the most frustrating things about this league and lets scum like sheep play their anti football pish


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We are ahead in most things if truth be told, was never the case though, as we have progressed you have gone backwards at a rate of knots, I blame the SNP and their socialist cohorts