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He could’ve easily set up 2 goals with his passing. Needs to get used to the physical side but if our strikers can score he will get plenty of assists.


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Honestly not impressed with him so far but he has not played much and many players take time to get up to speed playing for us.
Anyway he came on left side then was shuffled over to right side to accomodate a defensive holding on tactic (which he is NOT suited for) by the manager. Ridiculous.
So... blame lies with the manager. Very bad day at the office!!


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I thought he was decent going forward and will be a useful player when we are struggling to break teams down. Just wasn’t the game for him today


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The feeling I had when we signed him was maybe a luxury type player and from what I've seen I think that might be fair. I don't get the impression he'll be the type of player to be relied on when we're up against it.

Showed he's capable of a good pass today so hopefully he can have an impact.


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Seen a bit of criticism for him today.

He created at least three excellent chances with perfect through-balls. Got a great eye for a pass.

Just think he'd maybe be better from the start rather than as an impact sub where his work rate defensively isn't as high.
He did okay.
Had someone put away one of those chances, the attitude towards him would be totally different.
Instead, disappointment sees a lot of people reach for the scattergun and everyone finishes up getting it.


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Way to early to tell with Bacuna. He probably played less than 1 hour since joining all told. Made some quality passes to set up a few chances today. The finger of rage should be pointing at some of our senoir players who are just not on it .


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Doesn’t look to me a Rangers player , time will tell I’ve been wrong before. Taking Aribo off today I’ll never understand the guy was fantastic


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He’s not even played a full 90 mins yet ! When Lundstrom appeared he was shit according to some on here and now he’s changed opinions you’d think we’d learn our lesson in judging players to quick


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It didn't seem like Wright was having a good game but when he went off we lost our shape.
Bacuna liked to wander and although he created a couple of chances it meant we were more vulnerable defensively.
Not going to write him off until yet as he needs to find his correct position imo


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Hearts came into the game more after he came on, we lost our shape as a result. Maybe he came on for the wrong person but I guess that’s the managers call to make.


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Today's not the day for criticising Bacuna. The guy came on with us 1-0 up and almost made a couple of goals. Had a good effort saved too. Of the new signings, he's the one I had most doubts about, but honestly I like what I've seen so far. People need to remember he's where Lundstram was a month or two ago in terms of match fitness. I do wonder whether he'll turn out to be lazy based on a few things I've seen, but honestly that's a question we won't know the real answer to until a few months down the line. Ridiculous anyone calling him into question today.


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Rossiter and the famous 5 all game.
Same there, playing for Fleetwood as we know.

I’m lost, what about Rossiter?

He was well liked by the support in spite of showing very little. Bacuna’s a few games (with 10-15 mins here and there) into his Rangers career and he’s coming into a side that isn’t playing particularly well. I’d rather hang fire for now as opposed make myself look like an utter idiot as so many did with Hill, with Barisic, and are currently doing with Lundstram.


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Classic "luxury player".

He looks like he has potential but in it for himself and probably didn't care if we win, lose or draw as long as he does alright.

May be wide of the mark but that's what I take from him.


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He was the wrong player to bring on at that time
As soon as Scott Wright went off the hearts players knew they didn’t have to defend deep because there was no one with any pace to go in behind them.
It seems Bacuna has been given the role of coming on to see games out and he is neither physically strong enough or comfortable enough on the ball to play that role.
He is a good player and needs time to settle but he is not someone to come into a battle.


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I agree with the OP in all honesty.

A lot of criticism aimed at him but I'm unsure what folk expected of him? some nice touches and carved the Hearts defence open 2/3 times that almost led to a couple of goals (were our strikers not acting like absolute amateurs).

Blame the manager for it, not the player.
Blame the manager for what? Making an attacking change that should have resulted in two goals? Seems like a good change. A good performance. But piss poor with the final shots


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Im not seeing it either, lack of urgency and effort. No doubt he has ability, just can't see what the point of bringing him on was.

Alan Johnson

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I'm sure he's a midfielder but we play him as part of the front 3?
I don't see what he brings in our current rigid set up.


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Seen nothing yet, thought in all honesty he offered nothing. Too early to wrote him off but I just don't know where he is going to play