Balogun And Goldson First-choice CB Pairing?


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Both were fantastic today.

Running into the space is what we’ve missed from centre half’s in recent years

Another bougherra and we’ve got a winner


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Really like the look of Balogun so far.

If he’s naturally left footed, we might have our first choice CB pairing on today.

I’m not massively convinced by Helander. I know people who really rate him, but I always preferred Katić.
One game in, you could easily agree here.
(Apart from Helander v Katic)
My only caveat is that they were missing their top strikers.
That said, Goldson and Balogun looked the part today.


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Balogun played well considering how long he's been with us.
I like Helander a lot too but injuries are a concern, I'd suggest Goldson might be looking over his shoulder, i say that as a fan of Goldson too.


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Looks a quality addition, we have lacked a centre back that can take the ball forward from the back. It can create space when teams put everyone behind the ball.

He also has a turn of pace that none of our other defenders have