Balogun And Goldson First-choice CB Pairing?


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Warburton never spent what gerrard has. Rangers fans these days will accept any old crap not me though just how i see it.
Standards must be maintained, by disallowing time wasting and game management.

Jock Wallace teams never wasted time. Course they could also run up the sand dunes unlike these overpaid primadonnas we have now


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We have some very good centre backs. Probably the best position with good depth. Balogin, goldson, katic and he lander. The issue is keeping them all happy.


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As much as I rate Goldson as a no nonsense defender that would put his life on the line, he does have an error or two in him, Balogun looks like a player that can mitigate that weakness in Goldson's game. Early days, but signs look good.


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I think Balogan and Goldson could be the future combo. Helander has got a tough shift to get back in the side. I'm quite happy to have serious competition. Having Goldson, Balogan and Helander duking it out is a very good thing for us. Especially with the Europa League qualifiers pending.

Mr Wilton

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It’s one game, Balogun looked impressive and composed. May have been a bit different had he been playing against a thug in Cosgrove. Players like that will come soon and we can see how he deals with it. If he breezes through them like today then we have a player on our hands! Same applies with better and more technical players.

Carsons Army

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Really like the look of Balogun so far.

If he’s naturally left footed, we might have our first choice CB pairing on today.

I’m not massively convinced by Helander. I know people who really rate him, but I always preferred Katić.
not getting carried away after 90 mins but he does look decent. I will wait to see him against more physical players before judging he is our preffered CH.


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Peak FF.

It's been one half where they've had something like 1 attack and 25% possession.
I was gonna say :))

First time he has a couple of slack passes there'll be shouts to get Edmundson/Helander back in.

Very impressive start for the big man yesterday, so in theory the place should be his to lose, but he can't play on Thursday so what if Edmundson or Helander play a blinder?

Good to have that sort of competition I suppose. We need it all over the team.


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Early days but looked good.

No chance Helander was beating the Aberdeen forward to the ball early in the second half yesterday, but can’t forget his excellent European performances last season


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If we could pull off a bosman signing of similar quality for one of our strikers I would be delighted. Early days I know but the big man looks the part.

Still Staunch

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If Helander had pace it wouldn’t be a debate. Balogun looked really good and I can see him playing an awful lot, domestically, against teams that want to catch us on the break, as Helander will just get beat every time.

However, I think Helander will play more of the big games. Especially in Europe.


Great debut from the big man. Wasn’t overly troubled but strolled it. Looked like he’d been playing with Goldson for years.

I think we get the most out of Goldson when he’s playing with someone at his level, we saw that with Helander last year. I think his game drops off significantly when he has to be ‘responsible’ for both CB performances and talk someone through a game, the opposite of Davie Weir in some respects.

We’ve got genuine completion at CB,Balogun also brings the ball out quicker than the rest of our CBs, which has been a problem. Also, it seems like Balogun and Helander could play well together if Goldson picked up an injury.


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Great performance from our centre backs. It’s so good to have a defender with that much composure that can step in to the midfield with ball and play.
i love katic as a defender but actually thought the balance was perfect between Goldson and Balogun.
I personally don’t see Helander getting bk in as I don’t really rate him.
Edmundson still looks like he needs to work on his distribution but might come good.


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I know it’s one game but Balogun was big, brave and fast, very comfortable on the ball and not lacking in skill. He, at the very least, deserves to keep his place for the next game.

I’d say he has the potential to be the No.1 pick for the CB slots and I include Goldson in that.

Like I say, it’s only one game so far.

Chris the Bandito

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It's too early to judge but if that is a typical performance then it opens up some possibilities.

The most pleasing thing for me was his pace. Early in the second half Aberdeen had a break that looked like their striker was going through on McGregor and he got across the pitch at a really well-judged angle and snuffed it out.

I think Helander's positioning stops teams exposing him too much but there's no way he gets over to cover for Goldson in that situation. Edmundson is fairly quick but I doubt if he gets there either.

OTOH if Aberdeen had a battering ram up front then Balogun's stats on aeral duels in England and Germany are less impressive.

In our system I think he's a better fit for Goldson's role as the covering player. Goldson as the stopper attacking the ball might get the best from him too as his occasional brain farts become less lethal, and the stats say he's actually better than Katic winning the ball.

One other caveat - Helander's debut against Feyenoord. WHo'd have thought he'd potentially be 4th or 5th in the pecking order after that?