Balogun post match

Gazza's one last run

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Cracking debut.
Big, strong lad, plenty physicality when needed.
Towering in the last 5/10 minutes.
Very comfortable on the ball, likes to bring it forward, and very good passer.
Great turn of pace to cover Goldson early second half. That really impressed me.
That's an excellent start for us and him.


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Was really surprised at the pace he had. He looked solid enough but tbf the sheep didn't exactly test us much today but it was a decent start


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He looks really good so far. This is the type of more we need. “Hang on, we can only play 2 or 3 but have 5 who are good enough to start”.


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We had 70+% possession and they had 1 chance (where he managed to run into the post), he looked tidy but very early days to be making any sort of judgement on him tbf.

Orange Peel

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I questioned the signing and I hope he continues to prove my worries wrong.
Solid debut.
Without seeing him?


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Really impressed with the guy. Seems to be able to adapt to this league’s style of play pretty well with us.

West with the Night

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Great game and great words post match. Got the impression from that short video he really meant what he was saying as well. A fresh change from just another generic no personality player who just speaks what media wants them to. Seems to really back himself as well speaking about his experience a lot. I like that we need leaders hopefully he can be that.


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Lucky it's not screwed off when he pit the heed on the post.
Looked to me like he had help to "heed" the post. Looked to me like an Aberdeen player pulled him towards it, but Bobby Madden didn't give a foul so I must have been mistaken. It also looked like an Aberdeen player or two had kicks at Greegs when he was on the deck but I must have been mistaken then as well because Bobby Madden didn't book any of them.

My eyes must have been having an off day as I didn't see Bobby Madden booking any Rangers players, maybe he's saving them up for October ? ;);)

Sir Walter’s Warriors

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Brilliant debut, hope he continues in the same vein!

I’m bemused that some thought he would come in as 4th choice behind Edmundson. Maybe he will regress with time but he has a good CV and experience against significantly better strikers than he will face in Scotland.


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Why would you be worried about a free transfer anyway ? if it doesn't work it doesn't work but its a free transfer
so there really is no reason at all to be worried.
McLaughlin and Balogun could turn out to be very good business if early signs and what many have said about them are anything to go by.
Bassey might well come good but he’s several levels below Borna right now it seems- we should have signed Meling imo as BB misses more games than the likes of Tav does.

We need to get the more expensive ones spot on when Alfie goes though,that’s what will make or break us really challenging for the title properly.