Balogun - Solid Nigerian steel

Theresa May

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Defintely looked decent. However, let's not go overboard like we usually do, just yet. See Coulibaly, Ejaria and Ojo for reference.

Today was against a team hell bent on not attacking. Balogun's time for judgement has still to come.

Carlton The Bear

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Let’s not get excited. He did well, but was completely untested by a very poor Aberdeen team.

the fact he has some pace does make me more comfortable than with Helander though.
This is a fair comment, it’ll take a few more games to make full judgement but certainly a very promising start. Pace to burn for a CB, which isn’t something any of our other CBs have, not just Helander.


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I said on his signing thread that he was never here to play back-up to Edmundson. Balogun was playing a league or two above the level GE arrived from.


Looked great today. Won everything in the air without really being up against much. Showed great pace, looks like a great addition.


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His turn of pace to nullify the sheep counter was impressive.

He and Goldson looked quite comfortable but as pointed out the sheep are a horrendous footballing outfit


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He can carry the ball into, and even beyond, midfield too to create more space for others. Something we were desperately missing last season. Outstanding today.


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Solid debut by the big man!

Him and Goldson responded well to the Highland league tactics of the Sheep. That wee schoolboy striker won nothing all game.

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