Balogun - Solid Nigerian steel


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We badly needed a centre back who can run forward with the ball even 10 or 15 yards to beat the 1st line of the opposition press. Goldson can but doesn't do it enough. Far too often we let teams get set with their full team behind the ball.


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He was excellent today albeit not tested a great deal. But what he had to deal with he did very well. Seems assured and experienced. His pace in particular was an unexpected bonus and could prove to be a real asset. It’s clear to me that Goldson is our best centre half in terms of consistency and also leadership at the back. But on that showing today, the jersey to partner Goldson is Balogun’s to lose. I like Helander too, he’s a good defender, but he’s got some very stiff competition now, which is great for Rangers. To think we also have Katic and Edmundson it’s clear we are very well off for centre backs.


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Really liked the Bougherra type run at one point. At the corner where he headed the post, was it not because Mckenna had a hold of him and swung him into the post? Also one in there box with Goldson being held by the shirt and nothing given.


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Best thing today all his aerial battles he won, he played out well and covered with pace for Goldson which we need. Solid debut and more to come hopefully.

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An excellent debut, he looks like a solid no nonsense defender who will certainly strengthen our back line.
Showed his experience and ability to read a game.
Only his first game obviously, but he looked impressive and hopefully can continue with this sort of form.


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Just watched the highlights back there and it was actually the Aberdeen play that grabbed his shirt and swings him round causing him to hit his head into the post! Dirty scum.
Am I right in thinking someone 2 footers McGregor in the scramble? Thought I saw that on a replay.