Balogun - Solid Nigerian steel


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When sheep had the glimour of hope from a breakaway the big man was very impressive in his turn of pace turned a 40/60 against into a 60/40 for and got the situation under control. A Good physical threat in both boxes and looks comfortable enough to carry the ball into midfield which is something we have lacked and can be an extra dimension when trying to break down the stubborn low block defences. Looks a steal on today’s viewing.


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Might sound like a daft comment... but about 3 times at least today the ball was at stomach, chest height and he bent down and headered it back to McGregor (who could pick it up).

It takes that pressure off.


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Some people are slightly overstating things, as we always do. But yeah didn’t put a foot wrong and if our defenders can stroll through a few more games like that, we’ll be happy.

Edmundson has his strengths, but im not convinced today’s type of game would have played to them. He’s always capable of casually passing the ball to the opposition and putting us under pressure when we’re trying to pass out from the back.

The manager made the right call today.