Barry fae Eastenders sends Lenny and Broony a message


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I like the guy. He knows his schtick and lives off it. He has a good talent stack amid a terrible reputation and works it.


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Brilliantly done, well done to whoever is responsible. Beautifully subtle enough he wouldn't click but enough to make it hilarious.


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When he said his name i was like "Who?"

Then he said "Barry from Eastenders". Ah, Gotcha.

Pissing myself at that.


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Omg that’s genuinely the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! Whoever organised that deserves major kudos!!
Now making me wonder who else we could get! Lol!


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Outstanding patter once again from The Ruthless la one on the twitter.

Ripped the absolute utter pish out of this mob so much so far and no trophy’s been lifted yet.

I don’t think my mind or sanity will be able to cope when the day finally arrives.
It’s gonna be unbearable B-D B-D B-D B-D B-D


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Hahahahahaha now let's get Wagner next every time a terrier logs on to there social media I want them to see there club and fanbase ridiculed at every turn 9 years we've waited for this
I got a video message for my birthday from that Wagner c()nt. Easily the worst present I’ve ever had in my life. He also called me a wee fanny during the video message.....
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He's a good laugh and and excellent singer.
He came into in my folks hotel in Inveraray when they filmed his death in EE. Drinks with me and the staff, really down to earth guy and a fantastic turn on the karaoke.
The woman who played Janine Butcher on the other hand...stuck up, ignorant cow for whom a please was too much. A real 'don't you know who I am' bitch. Self entitlement personified. Obviously a tim.

Yeah, I know. Cool story bro :cool: B-D