Barry Ferguson in that game last night


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He is, tarnished only by 3 things.

1) Leaving for Blackburn Fúcking Rovers.

2) His part in the Le Guen fiasco.

3) His blatant disrespect for Walter Smith whilst on Scotland duty that saw him stripped of captaincy and effectively ended his Rangers career.
Absolutely none of that tarnishes my opinion of Ferguson, guys a Rangers legend.

Stephen Johnston

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How good was fergie in that game , outstanding,surprised how bad Larrson was ,and why was that clown sutton playing at the back ,always thought he played up front. i was actually jumping about last night when the winner went in . :):)
Ferguson and Deboer were outstanding for about 2 seasons.


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His leadership was utterly brilliant to watch, wish he was playing in this current team it really can be the difference of winning a title or not having someone of his class and ability in the team.

An unbelievable performance
I watched it and even Mo Ross was barking orders everywhere

Mustang mad

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Was surprised at the time it was blackburn who signed him? Could of played for a bigger club imo..... top player.
The thought was probably , go down there , season or 2 with blackburn, impress then join a proper big team.
Injury shafted that plan imo.