Barry Ferguson - the player


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I’d quite like to see Barry involved in coaching our midfield and get him away from the stagnation of the shite punditry.

He was an outstanding Ranger on the park and I think he’d have good insight to share with players.
There’s a reason he’s never been involved in a coaching role at the club.

BF the player was fantastic, but as a coach, I think we’d get a watered down version of Roy Keane - storming around telling everyone they need to get stuck in at places like Motherwell (that’s what he said on open goal).

We know he’s very friendly with the media too. Look at how it went in his second spell. He put Murray in an impossible position with PLG and was on a final warning when he pulled that stunt with Scotland. Walter did what needed to be done.


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That season I remember everyone contributing.

Amo was just as important as Moore, Numan had probably his most consistent injury free season, Ricksen and Arteta were in the midfield alongside BF and Caniggia/Arveladze/Mols/McCann/Lovenkrands all more than contributed.
They all did enough to carry Boab!


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I’m still in the “He let himself down” camp but a midfielder who demands the ball from the defence and then dictates the middle of the park is exactly what we need at the moment.

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Untouchable as the best player of his generation produced in Scotland. Never forget being in Copenhagen and the players all pushing Barry to the front of them at the end of the game after Shota's late winner for the crowd to sing Oh Barry Barry to him. I thought we might just keep him here. But he had signed for Blackburn before we even arrived back in Scotland. Gutted


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Absolutely loved him. He was a tremendous player for us especially in his first spell.

Modelled the way I hit penalty kicks on his technique and still hit penalty's the same way to this day.... Come to think of it, I'm a whinging b*stard when I'm playing football and I probably picked that up for him as well :D


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I agree, but purely because of injury.

Was told a story by a personal friend of his that Barry was all set to join Arsenal in 03, but Wenger played down his role a bit and Barry opted for Blackburn because of Souness.

Never heard it mentioned at the time, but folk know who him will probably know who I’m referring to and it’s about as solid as you can get.

He should have replaced Keane at United, or partnered Gerrard at Liverpool.
If true then a shocking decision
Wonder if the closeness of Blackburn to Scotland played a part
We're there not tales of regular trips to Scotland to visit family who never moved ?

That would have been detrimental to performance
For me he looked pre injury as if he could become a top tier player. Post injury he was a very good SPL player who could turn in the occasional great game
Ill discipline let him down ultimately


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Blackburn were never a ‘top 6 side’. That’d be like describing Leicester as a top 4 side when they had 1 storming season and won the league. Yes they finished there once under Souness, but that was the exception not the rule. The season Ferguson joined they finished 15th. That was their level. They were a collection of ex championship players, 30+ players who could not longer cut it at bigger sides (think Brad Friedel, Andy Cole and Henning Berg types), and randomly somehow managed to take our captain from us for 6.75m that we ended up giving them the majority of back less than 18 months later.
I think they'd finished in the top 6 the season before and made Europe is what I meant
Back then the top 6 wasn't a thing really. It was the top 4 then everyone else


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Up until he left in 2003 he was untouchable. Took over the captaincy of one of the biggest clubs in the world at a very young age and never let it phase him. Played that well against Bayern that Matthaus royally took the huff as Ferguson was giving him the run-around.

2002/2003 his greatest season in a Rangers jersey. Some of the goals he scored were ridiculous as well as his passing.

I believe his signing in 04/05 won us the league. We needed a lift as Klos was out for the season and Boumsong was sold to Newcastle. He was that lift.

A shame the way his Rangers career ended. Deserving of so much better but at least he left with a league and cup double.


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Ferguson in 02/03 was as close to the complete midfielder as you will see. He’d added goals to his game by that stage, the one thing missing from his game in previous years.
The chemistry between him and De Boer on the pitch was a joy to behold.

He was unlucky at Blackburn as was by all accounts very impressive before his injury. If I remember right by the time he had got fit again Souness (undoubtedly the biggest draw to Blackburn) had left for Newcastle.
With hindsight Blackburn was never the right club for him. Ferguson was the man for the big occasion. He thrived under the pressure of playing in front of 50k+ in Old Firms and CL matches. Playing in front of the 20k per week for a club happy to be mid table was never something he would be satisfied with.


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Best Scottish player I've seen at Rangers. He was absolutely sensational for us in his first spell.

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I loved Barry as a player but wouldn't put him near the same echelon as Lampard or Gerrard, c'mon mate.

He absolutely was. Could have played anywhere. That poor move to Blackburn and terrible injury has clouded people's view of him. I remember him bossing England at wembley on 99 before he was even at his peak.

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Fantastic player. I was gutted when he left. We all love the foreign players who join and click with us and ultimately ‘get’ the club and fans.

However there is nothing like home grown Rangers fan players who make it big with us. It’s like they represent all of us on the pitch. Barry was one of them , Durrant another.